Grand Dindi Celebration by the Students of Balaji Shikshan Prasarak Mandal

Shirur – July 14th 2016-07-14

Students of Balaji English Medium School and Balaji Prathmik Vidyalay (Semi English) combindely arranged the Dindi Sohala today. Around 1500 students actively participated in the same. With the inspiration of the Chairman Hon. Sadashiv Pawar and the founder member Hon. Prakashbapu Pawar. Both the schools are imparting education for cultural, spiritual and all round development of the students. In this modern age, to inculcate moral values and to teach Indian culture such kind of programmes are being arranged by the Institution. The tradition of Dindi celebration has been carried out from hundreds of years considering this the Dindi celebration was organized. In the beginning the Management Representative Dr. Vishwanath Risbood, General Manager Major (Retd) Sampat Dhawale, Educational Advisor Mr KB Sonawane, Technical Advisor Mrs Shubhra Lahiri, Mrs Sumita Asopa worshipped the idol of lord Vitthal-Rukmini.

The Principal of Balaji English Medium School Mr Dilip Shinde and the principal of Balaji Prathmik Vidyalay Mr Vinayak Mhasawade begun the Dindi celebration by uplifting the Palakhi.

The students highlighted different social awareness by giving meaningful slogans. The crowd was attracted by the students who were dressed in Vitthal-Rukmini, Sant Dnyaneshwar, Sant Tukaram, Sant Eknath, Sant Namdev, Sant Gora Kumbhar, Sant Janabai. The Bhajani Mandal of Alandi and Sonesangvi sang different Bhajans, Abhangas and Gavalans made the atmosphere very religious. The Dindi celebration started from Pabal Phata. It covered different areas like Municipal Council, Pach Kandil Chowk, BJ Corner. After reaching Ram Mandir, The First Lady of Shirur Mrs Suvarnatai Lolage and Ex First Lady Mrs Ujjwalatai Barmecha worshipped the idol of Lord Vitthal. After reaching at Jijamata Garden, the students performed bhajans, abhangas, bharuds, Pataka-dance, fugadis. The students enjoyed a lot in the celebration. The Secretary of Balaji Shikshan Prasarak Mandal Hon Sureshnana Pawar, Corporator Mr Mahendra Mallav, Market Committee Member Mr Pravin Choradiya, Secretary Mr Dilip Maid, Shashibhau Dasgude, parents representative Mr Kapre, Janardan Kale, Suresh Pacharne and Jagannath Pacharne also attended the programme.

Mrs Sandhya Kamadi and Mrs Swati Chhattar arranged the programme successfully with the help of all the staff members.